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Cremation Packages

South Tulsa County's Only Family Owned Crematory

People are looking for quality, value and convenience in anything they purchase, even a cremation. That is why we offer cremation package pricing which provides ease of selection, value and convenience.

You will notice our prices are quite a bit lower than you would expect and include more than you would receive from nearly any other provider.

Our cremation packages can be customized to meet the varying needs of the families we serve.

Our simplest offering and is
designed for those who "just want
to be cremated" without any
service or ceremony. This basic
package includes everything
required for a direct

This package does not include an urn.

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At Need Package Price: $747
  A brief opportunity for only
immediate family to say goodbye
prior to cremation.

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At Need Package Price: $995
Provides a dignified tribute to
those that proudly served our
country and is offered at a
discounted rate as our way of
saying thank you on behalf of a
grateful nation.

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At Need Package Price: $1297
  A memorial service or gathering
following the cremation is one
of the most popular ways to
commemorate the life of those
who have passed.

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At Need Package Price: $1695

Note: Packages do not include cash advance items such as newspaper charges to publish obituary notices, State fee to issue death certificates, cemetery costs, and clergy honorariums. In order to receive discounted pricing all arrangements must be completed online.